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Elena Letourneau, MA Certified Somatica® Practitioner


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“The Somatica Method is a holistic, loving and systematic approach to sex and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries, live emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives, and experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships. The skills required for success in sex and relationships are learnable and the Somatica training offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to learning these skills. The Somatica Method is pleasure-based, interactive and experiential and based on up-to-date neuroscience research about how people learn, connect and experience personal growth.” – Somatica Institute

I chose to pursue coaching after two years with a gifted couple’s therapist that was amazing in every aspect except human sexuality. At the time I was also studying to get a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. Somatica offered what was missing in both and I took a leap that would transform my personal and professional life.

My personal story is not uncommon. After years in long term partnership and becoming a mother, I lost touch with myself as a sexual person. Culturally, we have a huge deficit in accurate and comprehensive sex education, not to mention healthy relating. My partner and I lacked the knowledge and skills required to sustain desire and arousal in our long term relationship. In addition to this, it was difficult to avoid the subtle and not so subtle messages that imply that motherhood and sexuality are not compatible. I was pretty shameless about sex in my single years – I enjoyed it and felt entitled to pleasure. When I realized that I had lost my connection to and desire for sex, it was a disorienting blow to my sense of identity.


As your practitioner, I bring compassion, presence, and authenticity. I am committed to being mindful, honoring your boundaries and readiness, and respecting your privacy and confidentiality. 


In the process of studying and practicing Somatica, I rediscovered my shame-free sexual self and found my way to a profound feeling of aliveness. In the process I have become softer, more resilient, brave, and vulnerable. My lived experience has made it all the more fulfilling because I now also have the capacity for deeper connection and intimacy in my partnerships.

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The work we’ve done with you has changed my life.” – client, Albuquerque NM

Having experienced the transformation that is possible, I knew this work was mine to do in the world. Somatica Coaching offers a different opportunity for growth than traditional therapy. With the focus on experiential learning, sexuality and eroticism, and authentic relating, change can happen more quickly and more effectively. It is my sincere pleasure to have received and now offer the support, skills, and connection that bring joy and choice into every aspect of life, and in particular the vital experiences of sex and intimacy.

As your practitioner, I bring compassion, presence, and authenticity. I am committed to being mindful, honoring your boundaries and readiness, and respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

I am excited by the potential for how much we can learn together, how fully we can love ourselves and one another, and the possibilities this opens for transformation of individuals, relationships, and society.

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The work we’ve done with you has changed my life.” – client, Albuquerque NM

Thank you so much for this. I feel more hope today than I’ve felt in a long time.” – workshop participant

Elena Letourneau is an amazing sex, relationship and self-love coach. She has helped me in just a few sessions transform my attitude and self-image. She is able to really listen and accurately pin-point issues during sessions that I was unable to do on my own for such a long time. Working with her has set-off an unraveling of issues that I have been wound tightly around since I can remember. You can spend your money on material things but this is one area of life that you need to invest in.” – Ashley Randall, Torrance, CA

Just have to say you are awesome and clearly you are gifted as a coach / counselor. So happy to have found you. Thank you for sharing your talents.” – client, San Francisco CA

I’m holding strong still! Best I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you again for the caring you showed me during the difficult discussions we had and for the breakthrough on the erotic energy. I am still connected and feel great.” – client, Portland OR

Thank you so much for our session, it gave me some hope about discovering who I am.” – client, Sebastopol CA

She immediately closed off and pushed me away. It felt bad, but not awful and I stayed connected. If it wasn’t for our work together, I would have surely locked up and freaked out.” – client, San Francisco CA

It’s weird because, in the middle of the work, I don’t mark improvements. But last night went so awesome, I watched myself handle situations well, calmly … powerfully and present. Clearly. With integrity. It feels so fucking good.” – client, San Francisco CA

It surprised me to talk to the other couples to see how we are experiencing something very human and very similar.” – workshop participant

Thank you. I am deeply grateful for this experience.” – workshop participant


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