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East Bay Sex Therapy & COuples Counseling

Our leading sex therapy & relationship experts can help you have the intimate, connected and satisfying partnership you desire.


Effective Attachment-Based Relationship Therapy

All of our relationship counselors are highly trained in cutting edge couples therapy modalities such as Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) & Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for Couples (AEDP).

Connection & Intimacy

At the core of every relationship, is the need to know that your partner will show up for you in a loving and engaged way. To feel safe in an intimate relationship, you need to know that your partner will be accessible, responsive to your needs and engaged in the partnership.

Learn to Communicate Effectively & Break Unhealthy Patterns

As couples counselors & relationship experts, our priority is to help you connect with your partner in a safe and loving context. An experienced couples therapist will recognize your problematic patterns that often leave each partner feeling alone and disconnected. We can provide you with the insight and skills to break the cycle, so you can experience the relationship you want. Rather than relying on outdated coping strategies, our marriage counselors can help you learn how to relate to your partner.

East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center's Pre-Marital Counseling Program

Our specifically designed premarital package is offered in a 8-10 session format to help you prepare for your wedded life together in your marriage.

Prepare for your Life Together:

Our highly trained marriage and premarital counselors will assist you in exploring and addressing your main areas of concern before the big day.

Laying a Solid Foundation

Our premarital counseling program guides you and your partner through communication building skills, structured conversations and practice exercises We have identified the skill set that engaged couples and newly weds must have in order to cultivate a successful and healthy marriage. In our work together, you will learn the skills necessary to make your marriage last. Through the process of premarital therapy, you and your fiancé will develop intimacy, trust and deeper appreciation of one another and will be well on your way to success!

Get on the Same Page

Get support in discussing hot topics such as finances, sex, parenting and personal values before you get married. Our program will incorporate empathic listening techniques, conflict management skills, and negotiation tools to help you be true partners in your relationship. We will help you identify your personal relationship strengths, goals and mutual values.

Improve Your Sex Life

As extensively trained Sex Therapists & Relationship Experts, we have assisted many couples & individuals in expanding their capacities for intimate connection, passion and sexual enjoyment. Through this exploration you will bring about a breathtakingly satisfying sexual relationship with yourself and your significant other.

Sensitive & Skilled Sex Therapists

Our Doctoral and Masters level sex therapists are trained in treating an array of sexual issues, including disparities in libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma, vaginismus and other intimacy issues.

Deepen Intimacy & Expression

A healthy and gratifying sex life is created from a combination of safety, intimacy, trust, openness, communication and even humor and playfulness. It also means you need to know what you enjoy and be able to communicate your needs and wants. While the topic of sex can be uncomfortable or scary for some people, it is vital to your health and the health of your relationships to tend to your sexuality and intimacy needs. With the hectic pace of modern life it may seem easy to neglect your sex life, but the cost is significant. An unsatisfying sex life contributes to depression, loneliness and stress. Whether alone or with another, sex boosts energy, relieves tension, releases endorphins and elevates mood

We Celebrate Diversity

San Francisco Bay Area LGBTQIA partners & individuals are welcome at East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center. We welcome diversity of all kinds. All of our therapists are trained and sensitive to the unique issues related to LGBTQIA relationships. We are sex-positive, poly and kink friendly and trauma informed.

Cultivate Loving Sexual Connection

Sexual intimacy is rooted in loving connection, trust, communication and safety. Couples Counseling & Sex Therapy can help you experience the passion you desire. We can help you learn to talk about sex, your desires and co-create a fulfilling sexual relationship.