About East Bay sex Therapy For Individuals


Sexuality is not a problem to be solved, but a journey to be explored. 

Our highly specialized sex therapists can help you cultivate and embody a shame-free & healthy relationship to your sexuality and erotic desires.


While sex and intimacy therapy is often part of partner or couples therapy, it can be equally as beneficial during individual psychotherapy. Often, sex & intimacy issues have little or nothing to do with one's partner, but may be a result of attachment wounds, communication difficulties, a history of trauma or unexplored areas of one's own sexuality. 

Our highly-trained specialized expert clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, sex therapists and couples counselors can help you explore related issues, including sexual trauma or abuse, sexual pain, lack of desire or sexual compulsions and addiction, how to communicate one's sexual desires and erotic inclinations, and how to embody your robust sexuality without shame or fear.