East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center

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The East Bay 

Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center

is dedicated to promoting inclusivity & accessibility for folks with invisible disabilities, such as chemical sensitivity and environmental illness.



East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center is a fragrance-free environment. 

We believe in a collaborative approach to helping people in our community to have happier and healthier lives. When a person wears chemical fragrances that impact the health and wellbeing of their therapist, many other clients are affected because the remaining sessions that day and perhaps even the following day must be canceled. We also must create a safe and inclusive environment for our chemically sensitive clients. We strive to honor the individual and community needs in making a safe place, emotionally and physically, to all who enter East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center. 

Please do not enter EBISTC's building, offices or waiting room if you or anyone with you is wearing any perfume/cologne or any other scented products to an appointment. 

At least one of our therapists suffers a potentially life threatening asthmatic response to the chemicals in many scented products. Also many of our clients also live with chemical sensitives. Therefore our policy is that you will be asked to immediately leave if you come to your therapy appointment wearing perfume, cologne or other fragrances. You will be responsible for your full session fee.

Thank you for not wearing any of the following during your visit:

•    Cologne & Perfume,

•    After-shave lotion,

•    Perfumed hand lotions,

•    Fragranced hair products, and/or similar products.

Our chemically sensitive therapists and clients thank you for your understanding and cooperation.