Cultivating Connection by Dropping Defensiveness

It’s up to BOTH partners to care for, collaborate and co-create relational intimacy!

One of the keys to connectedness is the capacity to recognize and drop defensiveness. It’s common for excited, reactive, interactive cycles to speed up, to become more heated and escalated, when one of the partners counters the other partners bid or approach.

Our San Francisco Bay Area’s leading couples counselors and sex therapists can help.

We Speak Relationship.

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Big Picture Relationship Transformation: San Francisco Bay Area Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching

San Francisco Couples Counseling

Big Picture Relationship Transformation: Our relationship coaches, couples therapists and sex therapists can help you and your partner zoom out and see the over all dynamics of your partnership so you can see where you need and want to go. We Speak Relationship. 


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Getting Started in Sex & Couples Therapy: San Francisco Bay Area Couples Therapists Explain How Easy it is to Get Started!

Our San Francisco Bay Area Couples Therapy doors are open to you and your partner(s). We have over 40 San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley locations with a highly talented and specialized team of sex therapists, couples counselors, clinical psychologists, sexologists and relationship coaches. We Speak Relationship. And so can you. Schedule your free phone consultation call today!

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