East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy

As a highly specialized boutique style private therapy center, we believe in treating you as a whole person whose intimacy & relationship issues are rooted in the context of your life. Rather than operate as a managed-care driven mental health clinic, we work for you & not the insurance companies. Our top sex & couples therapists work holistically while utilizing the latest cutting-edge modalities rooted in attachment & neuroscience.




East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center was founded in 2015 as an adjunct clinic to North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center with the goal of making the practice of sex and intimacy therapy more relationship-focused and accessible, without the stigma and confusion that often accompanies misperceptions about couple and sex therapy. We are one of the branches of California Relationship Centers, LLC.

At East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center, we know that healthy relationships are at the core of how change and healing occur. Having a healthy sexual relationship to one’s self or partner(s) is vital to overall wellbeing. We strive to support and promote lifelong change that will allow you to form sustainable, loving and equitable relationships and an overall sense of health wellbeing.

East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center provides a highly specialized range of services including attachment-based intimacy & sex therapy, couples counseling, premarital counseling and individual psychotherapy in San Francisco East Bay. In addition, we are partnered with North Berkeley Couples Therapy Center and Napa Valley Couples Therapy Center and offer over 20 convenient locations across the Bay Area. Our clinicians are licensed clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, interns with supervision towards licensure, certified coaches, and psychological assistants working with supervision toward licensure. Our masters and doctoral level therapists and coaches offer a uniquely tailored, customized, client-centered approach.  Our therapy style emphasizes partnership and collaboration between both practitioner and clients.  We strive to contribute to a world in which attending to our sexual, emotional and relationship health is a priority for all and that high quality, accessible psychotherapy is readily available. While we are rooted in traditional psychological theory, our clinicians also stay up to date with today’s cutting-edge treatments based on attachment and neuroscience.

At East Bay Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center, we are dedicated to cultivating inclusivity, diversity and acceptance. We are specifically trained to support LGBTQIA individuals and couples, nontraditional relationships (polyamorous, kinky, etc.) trans or non-binary individuals, people of color, immigrants, and folks of all spiritual, cultural, socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

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Get started on the path to intimate vibrant sex and connection! Our East Bay Sex Therapists can help you have the satisfying sexual partnership you desire.